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French Female Voiceover

Are you in search of a French professional voice actress for your audiovisual project? Let me introduce you to Justine Petitjean, a talented voice-over artist who has been recording her voice for various projects since 2019.

Whether it's for audioguides, trailers, billboards, radio shows, documentaries, e-learning, applications, corporate films, audiobook or magazine recordings, internet promotions, TV or YouTube advertisements, phone messages, or even dubbing, Justine brings her expertise and dedication to every project.

With diverse experience and a versatile voice, Justine ensures to deliver the precise tone and intention your project requires. Her previous clients include renowned companies such as PayPal, Vinted, EDF, Badoo, Zalando, and the Vyv Group.

Whether you need a voice casting or a studio session, Justine offers the flexibility of recording in a home studio or through live sessions, adapting to your specific needs.

Entrust your project to Justine Petitjean, and rest assured that her captivating voice will give your audiovisual content the impact and authenticity it deserves. Contact us today to discuss how Justine can contribute to the success of your project.

Her native language is French.


International SEO services

There are many variables to consider when optimizing a website for local search engines. When optimizing for foreign search engines you need experts who understand the language and cultural differences which are intrinsic to the success of an international SEO campaign. At Strategic Internet Consulting we understand those differences as we have a wealth of experience in devising and implementing successful International SEO campaigns. We will learn your business inside out, study your target market and create a bespoke International SEO package which will ensure your success in any country you wish to target.


K2 EUROPE - fabricant de film adhésif pour l'impression

Great K2 Industry Co.,Ltd located in China and England, is a sign material manufacturer and supplier, specialize in large format digital printing media. We specialize in Sign Vinyl (large format digital printing Inkjet media) manufacturing and distributing. Now we can offer a wide range of digital printing products, from outdoor to indoor. Now, Great K2 products cover Self adhesive vinyl, flex material, screen printing material, paper application tape, T-shirt transfer vinyl etc.

K2 EUROPE est une société anglo chinoise dont le siège pour l'Europe est basé à Londres. L'activité en France est à Gennevilliers, dans les Hauts-de-Seine. La gamme des produits K2 se compose des films adhésifs pour l'impression digitale, les bâches, le One Way Vision pour les vitrines et les véhicule, les films de total Covering, le Canvas pour les arts graphiques, tels que les reproductions de tableaux. La gamme est actuellement composée de 420 références. Les laizes disponibles vont de 0,76 m à 5 mètres pour les bâches. Notre entrepôt de Gennevilliers permet de répondre aux urgences. Le service R&D permet de développer des produits de haute technicité pour améliorer la satisfaction de nos clients. K2 est certifié ISO 9001 2000.


Lenticular séquence 3d

Manufacture of lenticular product for mastering the entire graphic chain: Consulting, Design, Pre-press, Printing, Post-press, Expertise.



Business Video advertising directory worldwide showcase of your brand, product, service and company all on ONE-PAGE and more. Online video is exploding ! Consumers want more than a video they want interactive pages with everything about a company, business, product, brand or service. At IGS we aim to advertise and promote the best of you combining video, content, advertising, SEO, your URL links, social media share buttons and more. No other website gives you more than IGS. It's time to showcase not some but your all. This way consumers are better informed and they learn, watch and read everything about you on one page.


Seo consultant

Based in UK, Gloc Media is a digital marketing agency helping businesses with their online goals. We will help you by visualising, designing and building an online marketing approach to provide SEO solutions, social media marketing, brand reputation management and web analytics & consultancy. We will manage your all search marketing services, SEO and PPC, as well as your mobile marketing. Our solutions are organic, glocalised, bepoke and synergistic and we offer the latest services of the industry. We also offer training services which suit from a business owner to a student, with flexible timetables and options.


Data Marketing Toronto

Comme dans les autres domaines, les acteurs intervenant dans le marketing travaillent pour permettre aux entreprises de réaliser de bonnes performances. En effet, pour accroitre la performance de votre entreprise, vous devez avoir une bonne stratégie de marketing. Grâce au rendez-vous Data Marketing Toronto, vous pouvez connaitre toutes les innovations intervenues dans le secteur marketing. Au cours des conférences Data Marketing Toronto, les principaux enjeux du marketing seront débattus par les acteurs les plus influents intervenant dans le domaine. Pour réserver votre place, il suffit de vous inscrire sur le site


Food packaging products

Food Packaging Products - Custom-made and standard-issue are manufactured in Montreal Quebec by Duropac for the greater Canadian Quebec, Ontario and Eastern Canada Food Markets. Wide choices of printed-on-demand and on-location printing, including no-charge delivery. Use our design team to create your own food packing solution today.


Bold Brand

Based in Belgrade, Bold Brand is a european management consulting company specializing in Branding and Design. Leveraging the latest technologies we combine fundamental marketing strategy with creative solutions to position brands for success in an ultra-competitive marketplace. Bold Brand supplies the following graphic design services : Logo Design, Business Stationary, Flyers, Brochures, Posters, Calendars, Promotion Materials, Illustrations, Website Design and Graphics, etc. Bold Brand is flexible and has minimal administrative expenses. Therefore, Bold Brand differs considerably from its competitors and is able to offer its clients lower prices for various services.


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