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WuXi syt Aluminum

Wuxi Siyoute Steel Co., Ltd. started production of aluminum products in 2011. Even now, more than a decade later, it is our only business and we know it better than anyone else. This unique focus and deep expertise enables us to consistently deliver superior service while expanding our product range and global influence. With the ability to provide state-of-the-art equipment and rare products quickly and to serve the world, we are a global company that adheres to its roots and is committed to quality and excellent customer service.

10 years of aluminum manufacturers, the best choice for your aluminum solution company.

Wuxi Siyoute Steel Co., Ltd. Is headquartered in the industrial city of Wuxi near Wuxi. Established in 2011. As a high-tech, self-exporting modern company, we have strong production and R & D capabilities, aluminum products including aluminum plates, plates, coils, foils, and color-coated aluminum coils that meet customer specifications. Is a leading manufacturer and exporter of. necessary.


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