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A new way to share with Goodiies ! A different concept : You will say "Another social network, there are already full, what will they tell me this time for me to believe that it is different from others ?" My goal here, as a user of Goodiies, is not to make you believe, but rather to convince you that Goodiies offers a new way to share your desires, your thoughts, your photos, your passions, and especially to meet many people who share the same interests as you. Easy to use, do not stop the fact that at first glance, the site seems to be only in English. Once your registration is completed you can customize your account by choosing the language of your choice. Registration is free, but for this to happen, you will be asked to view a link partner, it is thanks to this that Goodiies can offer you this great community service. If you do not want to subscribe to the conventional way, you can more easily connect with your Facebook account, Twitter, MySpace, or forty social networks in this way. Great strength with Social Connect. An animation unparalleled : Certainly, you can discuss, share with other community members, as on most of your usual networks. Goodiies but does not stop there, the site also offers a whole range of animations that you never bored. Whether quizzes, polls, e-cards, there will be something for everyone, you Goodiies guarantees it ! Applications to no end : But wait, Goodiies not surprise you ! Besides all the entertainment event you are entitled to, you can also benefit from a large number of applications you can try at your leisure. And it's not over ! If you are creative and have you also created your application, you will be able to submit it to Goodiies to share with other members of the community network. It will be verified by the team of experts before being offered in your name on the forum, accessible to all members ! A chat uncommon : A chat the most modern and dynamic environment is to integrate your browsing Goodiies. Indeed, this is unheard of so we can find with this new generation chat : Audio and HD video, screen sharing, games, horoscopes... but also one of the most successful interaction with your Facebook account and your Twitter for example. Something to be present everywhere at all times ! See you soon on Goodiies !



Mark&Rise is a social network. In this particular place, the priority is dedicated to the audience of your posts. On Mark&Rise, you post for the entire platform, at the same time as you post for your followers. In fact, your articles, as soon as they are edited, appear in a collective feed in a chronological way, so that when other members log in, they see your recently published content.

Obviously, if thousands of posts are sent concomitantly, what you're editing may get lost among all that content. Fortunately, at Mark&Rise, we have anticipated this inconvenience ! Use the "Rise" to highlight your article. This free tool allows you to "boost" your article : it will reach the first rank on the whole of the social media. The "Rise", which we ourselves invented, can be used for your articles, as well as those of other users. If you apply this mechanism to promote a third party article, then you "turn" into a "sponsor". Being a sponsor has certain advantages, in particular allowing you to differentiate yourself from other members in the community. When you sponsor a post other than your own, you spark the interest of the publisher of that post. Another possibility to increase your visibility ! Other strategies are possible with the Rise, and I let your creativity run free.

You can post video content, photos, like plain text. Regarding the type of media that can be shared on the platform, please note that photos taken at 360 degrees or videos filmed at 360 degrees are publishable and, of course, viewable ! And this also in VR (Virtual Reality) mode (with the appropriate glasses).

Finally, know that you can insert links in your posts.

You can also, for example, list your site for free. All you have to do is : publish !
All of our services are completely free.

Stop creating for a restricted audience, subscribe to Mark&Rise !


Eupee - get addicted

Eupee - это растущая виртуальная сеть, помогающая Вам быть на связи с людьми со всего мира. Вам наверняка понравится eupee!... ;) eupee уже сегодня по многим показателям готов cоставить конкуренцию основным лидерам рынка. eupee полностью поддерживает 5 языков: английский, немецкий, испанский, польский и русский.


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