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Christian Social Network

Christian Social Network that caters to any believers in Christ. We are open to all walks of life in our Christian Faith.

Faithful Earth is a safe social networking environment run by Christians for Christians. However we do not exclude Non-Christians who want to socialize and share with us.

Our social network is a happy and fun place to be without the harshness that other social networks seem to attract. Faithful Earth is similar to other networks like Facebook and others, full of common social netwotk features one would expect. Along with the everyday bells and whistles, Faithful Earth also has its own unique social networking features including moderators everywhere for your protection.


Quakers online canada

Quaker religion community, forum, poetry, photo galleries, songs, art galleries. (Quakers of friends) Canada


Telacare Ministry
United States

Telling the Good News, Jesus really does care about you! Choose from a variety of daily devotions to start your day, writings to give you hope and strength to face tomorrow, and Bible studies on a variety of relevant topics.

Submit your prayer request so that others may pray with you. Whatever your need, or whatever is happening in your life right now, always remember that God loves you, and He cares for you more than you will ever know. He is not mad at you. He has not forsaken you. He awaits you, even now, with arms outstretched. Pour out your heart to Him today.

Through these pages, may you come to know Christ more intimately, or perhaps even meet Him for the first time. May you find balm for your wounds, and renewed strength, hope, and determination for tomorrow. And ultimately, may you grow to be more like Him. The words contained herein are, I feel, truly from God's heart to your heart. He will never fail you.


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