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Ambulatorio Veterinario Fabio Maria Aleandri

The Vet Centre is a veterinary clinic that dr. Fabio Maria Aleandri dedicated to the care of pets since 09.10.1992. Dr. Fabio Maria Aleandri is graduated with honors since 13.03.1989 at the University of of Perugia.

During the years various colleagues have actively collaborated since 2010 and now our business is enhanced by the professionalism of Gwendolyn Stramigioli.

Since 2013, the activities of the center has been enriched by the collaboration of Oncovet, a group of veterinarians specialized in clinical oncology and surgery. This collaboration is provided by the oncology service of Chartered Fabio Valentini and Vito Pellegrino. In the same year the Center also collaborates with Dr. Antonello Boldreghini as an orthopedic surgeon


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