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Art renewal center

The largest on-line Museum on the internet. A work in progress, steadily expanding with thousands of high quality images of the greatest paintings and sculpture in history, the Art Renewal Center is building an encyclopedic collection of essays, biographies and articles by top scholars in the field.


Garmash artists

Mikhail and Inessa Garmash, husband and wife team, romantic impressionists.

Site très sobre pour un couple d'artistes peintres d'un immense talent, Mikhail et Inessa Garmash, dont les tableaux d'inspiration romantique nous transportent à l'époque des grands peintres romantiques des siècles passés. Une technique maitrisée au service de scènes pleines de douceur et de romantisme, laissant largement la place aux portraits et aux paysages envoûtants. Visitez d'urgence les nombreuses galeries présentes sur le site, et laissez vous porter par la beauté des toiles exposées.


Keith haring

Official Keith Haring (1958-1990) website : largest online collection of Haring painting, animation, sculpture and photos, interactive activities, online PopShop ; biography, calendar and other info.

Le site officiel de l'artiste américain Keith Haring décédé à New York, prématurément à l'âge de 31 ans. Le site très complet vous présente l'artiste et ses oeuvres, ainsi que la fondation qu'il a créée peu avant sa mort, destinée à soutenir la lutte contre le SIDA.


Soper studio

Soper Studio, home of Patrick and Celia Soper, professional artists and sculptors. We specialize in fine portraiture and figurative work in oils and bronze. We are also expert at creating montage type imagery both with paint and sculpture that commemorates an event, depicts an historical occasion, or relates the accomplishments of an individual. We have over 20 years experience at working with clients to help create an enduring and beautiful piece of fine art. Come in and look around, and please consider us for all of your custom artwork needs.


Victoire - digital art

In her digital art gallery Victoire presents her oniric and surrealistic artwork. She uses the digital technology to create her modern art creations. Member of the French federation photography Victoire as a modern point of view on contempory art. Each of her creations presented in the digital art gallery is an original and unique artwork signed by the artist an Artrust authentified. Using an electronic system, the Artrust certification insures to collectors the authenticity of Victoire’s art works. A professional photograph laboratory specialized in art printing insures artwork fabrication using the best Fine Art Paper and digigraphie technology. To insure the best security to online payments, digital art gallery is using Paypal.


Art china gallery

Founded in 2007, ArtChina specializes in contemporary art from China.

Le site Art China disponible en Allemand et en Anglais, présente les oeuvres d'artistes chinois exposés à la galerie d'art contemporain Art China située à Hambourg en Allemagne. L'occasion de découvrir les peintures d'artistes chinois méconnus : Feng ZhengJie, Liu Fei, Luo Quanmu, Tang Zhigang, Shen Jingdong, Yang Yang...


Zalochi gallery

Site de artista plastico Vanderlei Zalochi - Campinas - Brasil
Fine art gallery


Artistas de la tierra

Portal libre para el encuentro y la promoción de artistas.

Portail espagnol pour la promotion d'artistes de tous les continents. Découvrez des galeries inédites de peintres cubains, argentins, espagnols, mexicains, colombiens...


Grant Wood studio
United States

Grant Wood's home and studio was located at 5 Turner Alley in Cedar Rapids, Iowa from 1924 to 1934. Sponsored by the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, this website features historic information and photos of the studio.

Présentation des studios du peintre américain Grant Wood (1892-1942) connu pour ses peintures du Middle West rural américain et son célèbre tableau 'American gothic'.


Hélène Le Goff - concepteur designer graphique

Helene Le Goff, a young graphic designer from Bretagne, France.

Hélène Le Goff, concepteur designer graphique, est disponible pour tous vos projets de communication, identités, affiches, pub, packaging, illustations, typographie, web, video... DESIGN GLOBAL. Licence de Concepteur Designer Graphique et titulaire d'un Master en Design Global (Architecture d'Intérieur, design d'objet), pour réaliser au mieux tous vos projets et leurs déclinaisons. Dynamique et innovante, professionnelle, je réalise et propose des concepts pour tous vos besoins de communication : du conseil à la réalisation. Bilingue Anglais / Français, disponible sur Rennes, mais possibilité de déplacement en France et étranger pour les projets graphiques. Bonne expérience en entreprises à l'étranger : Suède et Écosse.


Paintings by Philippe Conrad

This web site presents all the paintings sold all over the world in their environments (yachts clubs, hotels, houses, on board yachts, etc.). Those paintings are bought by ship lovers, decorators,etc. The links in the first page permits to go on others sites that presents another themes of paintings like portraits, animal paintings, automobiles, landscapes, seascapes, etc. because Philippe Conrad is an artist that talk with his brushes, principally for marines but also in all themes that interest you. He uses oil, acrylics, watercolors, pens and pencils.


Golden Idea, fashion design studio

We are a fashion design studio composed of a Design sector, which treats complete creation of models (research fabrics, silhouette, technical sheet etc) and of a Graphic sector in care of the image (graphic identity, prints, packaging, catalogues etc). One purpose of our company is to expend product lines - Men - Women - Children - adapting our stylistic, graphic and technical knowledge to your needs. In addition to expending clothing line, GOLDEN IDEA also can develop your company through consulting and creating product in house. Our first experiences were DIESEL in Italy and BLUE SYSTEM of the Swiss group Jet Set. In United States our principal client has been Avirex USA since the 1980's, joint during the 1990's by such large name in the Hip Hop fashion industry as ROCAWEAR and SOUTHPOLE. In Italy, we renewed the brands TRUSSARDI JEAN’S, BOMBOOGIE and several line of SIXTY Company (ENERGIE, MISS SIXTY). Our most recent collaboration include TUCANO URBANO, LEONE BOXING, ZU ELEMENTS (PHARD).


Alynca - art en Nouvelle-Calédonie

Art contemporain, abstrait, figuratif, naïf, surréaliste, paysage, nu, poster.


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