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Library of congress

The Library of Congress. The Library of Congress is the nation´s oldest federal cultural institution, and it serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with more than 120 million items. The collections include books, sound recordings, motion pictures, photographs, maps, and manuscripts.

Installée à Washington et fondée en 18[...]



Virtual museum of Canada

Visit the Virtual Museum of Canada and discover online cultural content. Browse the site and enjoy the treasures of Canada’s museums.

Visitez le Musée Virtuel du Canada et découvrez son contenu culturel en ligne. Avec ses expositions virtuelles, ses jeux et ses milliers d'images, le Musée virtuel du Canada (MVC) met en valeur les richesses uniques de l'art, de la cu[...]



Asociación de la plástica

Association qui a pour but d'exposer les travaux d'art plastique, la culture et la création artistique contemporaine du Mexique. Sont exposés différents artistes oeuvrant dans des domaines variés, comme la peinture, la sculpture, le dessin, l'estampe, etc. Historique, informations sur les activités.

The APGG is committed to the preservation of Mexico's art and culture, and the promotion of[...]


Formation en langue

Séjour Linguistique en Provence

You are going to learn French ? Welcome to Séjour Linguistique en Provence. Study french language thanks to linguistic and cultural immersion. Based near Avignon, our school is human-sized, to a stay suitabled to each student needs. We offers you a high Quality of learning, in French language, in a unique Provençal environment. Based on your age, your level of french, your first language and your[...]



International SEO services

There are many variables to consider when optimizing a website for local search engines. When optimizing for foreign search engines you need experts who understand the language and cultural differences which are intrinsic to the success of an international SEO campaign. At Strategic Internet Consulting we understand those differences as we have a wealth of experience in devising and implementing s[...]




L’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’éducation, la science et la culture (UNESCO) est née le 16 novembre 1945. Pour cette agence spécialisée des Nations Unies, le plus important n'est pas seulement de construire des salles de classe dans des pays dévastés ou de restaurer des sites du Patrimoine mondial, c'est aussi de construire la paix dans l'esprit des hommes à travers l’éducation, la science[...]



African luxury safari

Extraordinary Safaris is a Luxury travel company for all your African tours.

We provide travelers with exceptional bona fide bespoke safaris experience. Discover African hidden gems without having to break the bank. Our services are unique and outstanding. Our company is passionate and provides an enriching experience to tourists across the globe.

We are also devoted to conservation and ea[...]



Kisima Tours & Travel - Kenya safari holiday

We offer Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda safari holiday package. The safari are customized to suite your need and we will walk with you during your safari planning.

Kenya offers great wildlife safari opportunity not forgetting other adventure safari options available. Mountain climbing, walking, camel and horse riding, Balloon flight safaris among others.

Tanzania offers great cultural experienc[...]



African memorable safaris

African Memorable Safaris organizes Road Safaris from Mombasa, Mombasa Excursions, Masai Mara / Lake Nakuru by train (camping), Road Safaris from Nairobi, Kenya Cultural Safaris, Kenya Honeymoon Safaris, Kenya Bird Watching Safaris, Masai mara migrations Safaris, Beach Safaris, Tanzania Safaris, Uganda Gorilla Safaris as adventurous tours & excursions around Kenya plus organizing for Wildlife S[...]



Trekking in nepal

Himalayan adventure travel agency and tour operator organize trekking in Nepal, cultural travel and tour to Tibet, Bhutan, Ladakh and other travel holiday packages across the Himalaya.


Ressources humaines

Walking the Talk | Organizational Culture Consultancy

Walking the Talk is a world leader in enhancing performance results by aligning culture with strategy.

We work with you to identify the business challenges you face and what’s causing them at the culture level to determine the solution most suited to your specific requirements. Your cultural needs are unique, and we think your culture change solutions should be, too.

We provide end-to-end, b[...]

https://www.wal... ACTIVATION DU SITE 65363


Services aux personnes

Curar con Gestos

(Https:// ) Página web dedicada a informar y esclarecer diversas disciplinas ancestrales para el autocuidado creativo de la salud, empleando tecnologías mínimas inocuas y eficaces extraídas de la medicina natural, alternativa y tradicional.
Por fuera de la Medicina llamada "científica", existen otras realidades que también se ocupan del sufrimiento huma[...] ACTIVATION DU SITE 66536



Exlibris - Library Impact, Research Outcomes, Student E

At our company, we understand the pivotal role Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) play in today's institutions. Embracing the power of our workforce and services, we stand firm against bias and inequity. Our commitment extends to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace, collaborating with our communities, and crafting products that cater to everyone equally.

In our technological appro[...]

https://exlibri... ACTIVATION DU SITE 67725



Palmistry course

Palmistry course, an ancient divination art rooted in cultures across the world, continues to captivate the human imagination with its promise of insight into character, destiny, and the future. This practice, often referred to as chiromancy, involves the interpretation of lines, mounts, and shapes on the hand to glean information about an individual's personality traits and potential life events.[...]

http://www.astr... ACTIVATION DU SITE 66715



Send flowers to philippines

Send Flowers To Philippines
Are you planning to send flowers to Philippines? Is someone special in your mind or do you want to surprise someone you have known briefly? If yes, then this is certainly a great idea because you can never go wrong with a bunch of beautiful flowers wrapped in a bundle of joy. Universally speaking, flowers are an amazing gift irrespective of the occasion or relationship[...]

http://www.send... ACTIVATION DU SITE 65523




We provides tourism solutions & concierge service like day trip excursions, hotels et restaurants bookings and recommandations but also differents kind of tours.



Return transport from our agency in the center of Paris
Our multilingual and qualified guide at[...]

https://thearia... ACTIVATION DU SITE 66761



A leading best trekking and adventure travel company in

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Centrally Located Hospitality Since 1975: Embracing Volos and the Magnificence of Pelion

Established in 1975, Hotel Argo has been a steadfast provider of hospitality services in the vibrant city of Volos, Greece. Situated strategically in the heart of downtown Volos, our hotel offers guests not only a comfortable retreat but also easy access to the bustling urban life and the serene natural bea[...]

https://hotelar... ACTIVATION DU SITE 67924



La pergola

Looking for a high quality and cheap hotel cinque terre in Italian ‘hotel economico cinque terre'?!

We are situated in a quiet village outside La Spezia centre with good access to the Cinque Terre, Lerici and surrounding beautiful beaches .

La Pergola is 10 minutes by car to the centre of La Spezia .We are one of, if not the best of the cheap hotel La Spezia for those who want to learn Ital[...]

http://lapergol... ACTIVATION DU SITE 61749



French Art of Living

France and its rich history, fertile ground which gave birth to the spirit of the Enlightenment, homeland of writers, artists, philosophers, architects, and creators among the most brilliant in the world, has particular specificities: a rich cultural heritage which includes countless sumptuous buildings (Loire châteaux, Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, many palaces, etc.), numerous museum[...]

http://https://... ACTIVATION DU SITE 61927

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