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Photo gallery containing mostly commercial airliners but also some military planes and helicopters.

L'un des plus gros sites consacrés à l'aviation civile et militaire, qui met à la disposition des passionnés d'aéronautique, une base de données riche de milliers de photos d'avions, d'hélicoptères... de tous pays, de toutes époques et de haute qualité.

A voir si[...]


Débat et polémique

The world debating - Just debate

Do you like to debate on armies, politics, religion ? Check out this international debate website. In this brand new international debate website, you will be able to debate with people from all over the world. Debate topics of your choice : create a debate or participate to active debates. Each user can reply to posts, and receive replies. When the user receives a reply, he is informed by an emai[...]



Fighter planes

Fighter planes and military aircraft (1930-2000) with pictures and information. Also 3D VRML models of jets to download, a FAQ explaining Stealth, jet engines, weapons and aviation art.

Des dizaines de fiches techniques avec photos pour découvrir les avions de chasse des années 1930 à 2000 (du Fokker DXXI au projet Aurora), et les armements embarqués (missiles AMRAAM,[...]



World war 2 in color

Collection of rare color photographs and images from World War II - German Air Force, US, Japanese, Soviet and other units.

Pour tous les passionnés d'histoire et de photographies anciennes, découvrez sur ce site anglophone, une importante collection de photographies de la seconde guerre mondiale en couleur. Unités terrestres, navales ou aériennes, des alliés[...]



Birgelen veterans asso

Dedicated to those professionals who served with 13 Signal Regiment (Radio) or any of its sub-units, Mercury barracks, in Birgelen Germany.



National security agency

The National Security Agency / Central Security Service is America’s cryptologic organization. It coordinates, directs, and performs highly specialized activities to protect U.S. government information systems and produce foreign signals intelligence information.

L'Agence Nationale de Sécurité basée au Nord Est de Washington DC., voit le jour en 1952 et succède à l'Arm[...]



Lun'tech - radar reflector

LUN’TECH, designs and manufactures mainly lenses using the Luneberg principle. From this process of a spherical lens with a progressive variation of permittivity, have been created passive radar reflectors and antennaes.Found these technolgies in military aerial target, payload UAV navy, defence calibrated target, satellite telecommunication antenna, airport equipment , army active reflector.


Online Marriage

We provide online marriage services worldwide international and domestic for all couples. Same-Sex, military, jail and traditional civil ceremonies for all religion and couples. We provide online services 24hrs 7 days a week.All couples must be over 18 years of age U.S citizens couple must have a valid form of government-issued ids such as a driver’s license, state ID or military ID, and a valid U[...]

http://www.webw... ACTIVATION DU SITE 65755




Jb Capacitors Company Limited is ISO manufacturer founded in 1980 in Taiwan, now with two factories located in Hefei, Anhui and Nantong, Jiangsu. We are specialized in production of plastic film capacitors, Radial, SMD, Snap-in, Screw, Lug terminals Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors, and Ceramic Capacitors, Tantalum Capacitors, which are widely used in consumer electronics, data processing, telecom[...]

https://www.jbc... ACTIVATION DU SITE 66764




WELTMEX is one of the few tailoring workshop where you can make :

Bespoke Suits
Bespoke Tailcoats, Tuxedos, Morning Suits and Strollers

You can also order Bespoke Overcoats.
The reenactors will buy bespoke Historical Uniforms
The hunters will order Hunter Uniforms, The horse riders riding tailcoats and blazers.
Besides individual customers we are realizing also orders for firms and instu[...]

https://bespoke... ACTIVATION DU SITE 63927


Ciel et espace

IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries

IAI – Where Courage Meets Technology

In an ever-changing world, where adversaries continually test national defense, the importance of reliable allies cannot be overstated. Enter IAI, a steadfast partner renowned for its courage and innovation in delivering essential capabilities within your means.

As a leader in defense, aerospace, and commercial sectors, IAI harnesses cutting-edge technolo[...]

https://www.iai... ACTIVATION DU SITE 67752

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