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247 Electric

At 247 Electric we know it can be very frustrating when your home electrics stop working, that is why we offer a fast electrical emergency call out service.

We have a team of highly professional electricians that can be at your property within an hour of your phone call day or night.

Having over 30 years of experience in the electrical industry there is not much we can not fix. We can help with domestic and commercial electrical installations, so if it is a problem with your lights, sockets or total power failure you can be sure we can get you back to normal really fast.

So don't be left in the dark call 247 Electric for all your electrical emergencies.


10-4 Tow
United States

10-4 Tow is a local towing company in Houston, TX. We offer 24/7 affordable, fast towing and roadside assistance services, year-round!
We provide a wide range of towing and roadside services, including flat tire change, battery jump-start, gas delivery, car lockout, and more. We will arrive at your location within minutes. Call us 24/7!

No matter the car you drive, we treat all our customers with much respect and attention; whether you have a flat tire or have been in a car accident, we treat everyone just like family.

We work only with the best towing experts, who know all the best shortcuts, the fastest routes, and the traffic hotspots to avoid so that you do not have to wait longer than you should.


House and Office Clearance London

House and Office Clearance Ltd from London, we are fully insured and licensed clearance company. We provide house clearance, office clearance, rubbish clearance, and we provide removals in London.
If you are looking for a professional house clearance service with affordable prices in London, we would like to invite you to contact with our company.
We are working for private and commercial customers from every part of London.
Our workers will take out from your house and office all unwanted items, like computers, electronics, clothes, furniture, carpets, books, washing machines, refrigerators, ordinary rubbishes and anything else.
Our prices include the cost of rubbish disposal, the clearance of all areas and cost of recycling.
Call us to get a free quote.


ProTaCtiCul - The TaCtiCal Store

Tactical is the leading tactical apparel and accessories store.

We have got a wide range of high-quality products in a variety of categories,
that is from : tactical jackets, to belts, gloves, holsters, shoes, vests, backpacks, eyewear, flashlights, headwear, knives, optics, drones and rugged mobile phones.

Go ahead at ProTaCtiCul.Com and browser through our amazing catalogue to see all the awesomely items we've for you.

Trends change fast, that's why we make sure to update and curate our own on a regular basis.

We hope you've got a great shopping experience on our site.

Please feel free to contact us, if you face any issues or have any suggestions.

We love to hear from our customer's friends. always.


Gucci Pooch

Gucci Pooch is a new pet grooming salon in Kelowna, BC, Canada.

Our stylists will meet with you and your pet to help you determine the services that are the best for your pet.

Our goal is to provide your pet with the most enjoyable, relaxing experience possible and your pet is sure to be in a dream at our luxurious pet salon.

Contact our friendly staff today to book your next pet grooming experience.



Computer servies on site free support
هنگام هر گونه خرابی یا پرسش در مورد خرابی رایانه شما میتوانید از قسمت "پشتیبانی آنلاین" سایت یا اپلیکیشن مغز رایانه مشکل خود را به کارشناسان ما اعلام کرده تا مشکل شما به صورت آنلاین رفع شود. کارشناسان پشتیبانی مغز رایانه 7 روز هفته 24 ساعته به صورت کاملا رایگان سعی در رفع خرابی سیستم و تجهیزات شما را با بهترین کیفیت دارند.
شما می توانید بدون محدودیت زمانی و مکانی از طریق سایت یا اپلیکشن مغز رایانه 7 روز هفته 24 ساعته و به صورت کاملا رایگان مراجعه کرده واز طریق کارشناسان خرابی و مشکل پیش آمده را حل کنند.
خدماتی که مغز رایانه می تواند برای شما مشتریان عزیز ارائه کند عبارتند از:

رفع مشکل وصل نشدن به اینترنت
تنظیم مودم از طریق anydesk
نصب نرم افزار های کاربردی
بروزرسانی سیستم عامل
نصب و اکتیو کردن نرم افزار های عمومی و تخصصی
رفع نقص عیب ویندوز
نصب و فعال سازی ویندوز
نصب نرم افزار هایی برای امنیت سیستم از ویروس ها
آموزش کرک نمودن نرم افزار های گرافیکی
نصب نرم افزار هایی نظیر آفیس ( PowerPoint،word ،Excel، Access)
تنظیمات شبکه(سرور، کلاینت،سویچ،روتر)
راهنمایی رفع اشکال وصل شدن به اینترنت به صورت آنلاین و از راه دور به صورت تلفنی توسط کارشناسان
آموزش فرآیند نصب و اکتیو کردن برنامه های اموزشی از راه دور به صورت آنلاین و تلفنی(آموزشگاه ها ، مدارس و دانشگاه ها و مراکز دولتی)
1.خدمات پشتیبانی شبکه از راه دور تحت اپ:
._در این روش کارشناسان ما با سیستم رایانه خود و با استفاده از نرم افزار های مخصوص (anydesk) این کار به سیستم کامپیوتری کاربر وصل می شود و کنترل آن سیستم را در دست خود می گیرد و مشکل کاربر را مستقیم از راه دور حل می کنند .
2.خدمات پشتیانی آنلاین به صورت چت آنلاین:
هنگام هر گونه خرابی یا پرسش در مورد خرابی رایانه شما میتوانید از قسمت "پشتیبانی آنلاین" سایت یا اپلیکیشن مغز رایانه مشکل خود را به کارشناسان ما اعلام کرده تا مشکل شما به صورت آنلاین رفع شود.
کارشناسان پشتیبانی مغز رایانه 7 روز هفته 24 ساعته به صورت کاملا رایگان سعی در رفع خرابی سیستم و تجهیزات شما را با بهترین کیفیت دارند.
از مشکلی یا سوالی در مورد رایانه یا بخش های مختفل مربوط به تجهیزات رایانه داشته اید می توانید با مراجعه به سایت مغز رایانه و پشتیبان آنلاین یا با نصب نمودن اپلیکشن مغز رایانه از کافه بازار یا مای کت با کارشناسان مغز رایانه به صورت انلاین گفت و گو کرده و مشکل خود را به صورت آنلاین، با کیفیت بالا و بدون محدودیت زمان و مکان حل کنید.
3.خدمات پشتیبانی شبکه به صورت تلفنی :
._در این روش کارشناسان ما برای حل مشکلات رایج و آسان از طریق تماس تلفنی ، مشکلات کاربر را چه رایانه یه تجهیزات رایانه (پرینتر، اسکنر،روتر، سویچ و ....) با راهنمایی های دقیق برطرف می کند .
شما می توانیدازطریق تلفن های تماسی که در سایت موجود هستند که آسان ترین و در دسترس ترین گزینه می باشد تماس گرفته و مشکلات خود را بیان کرده و با راهنمایی متخصصان مشکل خود را حل کنید و دیگر نیازی به مراجعه حضوری نمی باشد.

در بعضی مواقع نیاز می باشد که با مرکز پشتیبانی مغز رایانه تماس بگیرد که بر این مثال در حین انجام کار با نر م افزاری دچار مشکلی شده اید یا اینکه ...در چنین مواردی با پشتیبانی رایگان مغزرایانه تماس



100% Genuine Microsoft Windows 11 Pro key (Retail Version).
Retail Online activation key lifetime.
Instant digital delivery by email.
64-bit supported
Multilingual Support.
Lifetime Online update support .
Upgrade from windows 7 or 8 or Single language and other editions of Windows systems are not supported. Windows 7 & 8 must do fresh Installation.
Upgrade from windows 10 possible if the PC system support for Windows 11.
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro Professional is a brand new Windows 11 Pro product key, genuine Retail Key for Microsoft Windows 11 Professional Edition. We also offer a full legal download of the software via Microsoft, as detailed below.


1. First, purchase a genuine Windows 11 Pro Retail Key from our website.

2. Immediately after your payment, you will be automatically sent a Windows 11 Pro digital Key.

3. Download the Microsoft Windows 11 ISO installer from the official Microsoft website.

4. Follow the instructions on the Microsoft website to download and install Windows 11

5. Once installed, enter the unique activation code that you purchased from us.

6. The Retail Key will authenticate with Microsoft automatically, and the activation is complete!


African luxury safari

Extraordinary Safaris is a Luxury travel company for all your African tours.

We provide travelers with exceptional bona fide bespoke safaris experience. Discover African hidden gems without having to break the bank. Our services are unique and outstanding. Our company is passionate and provides an enriching experience to tourists across the globe.

We are also devoted to conservation and eager to share our African biodiversity with you.We deliver world-class customized safaris, solo travel holidays.

If you want to learn about cultural fascinations, we got you covered! Let’s help you in having an idyllic adventure. Our operators deliver superlative memorable ventures just for you. We also ensure your stay is luxurious in cozy lodges and hotels. Some are designed in a rustic classic modern structure. Giving travelers an outstanding safari comfort.


WuXi syt Aluminum

Wuxi Siyoute Steel Co., Ltd. started production of aluminum products in 2011. Even now, more than a decade later, it is our only business and we know it better than anyone else. This unique focus and deep expertise enables us to consistently deliver superior service while expanding our product range and global influence. With the ability to provide state-of-the-art equipment and rare products quickly and to serve the world, we are a global company that adheres to its roots and is committed to quality and excellent customer service.

10 years of aluminum manufacturers, the best choice for your aluminum solution company.

Wuxi Siyoute Steel Co., Ltd. Is headquartered in the industrial city of Wuxi near Wuxi. Established in 2011. As a high-tech, self-exporting modern company, we have strong production and R & D capabilities, aluminum products including aluminum plates, plates, coils, foils, and color-coated aluminum coils that meet customer specifications. Is a leading manufacturer and exporter of. necessary.


Visitez la boutique en ligne SKS Boxing Shop

La boxe thaïlandaise est une activité sportive qui vous a toujours plu et vous souhaitez acheter les équipements appropriés pour la pratiquer ! Faites donc un crochet sur la boutique en ligne SKS Boxing shop.
Vous y découvrez une diversité de produits allant des vêtements aux accessoires, et votre boutique en ligne propose ses produits non seulement aux professionnels de la boxe thaïlandaise, mais aussi aux gymnases. Vous y trouvez ainsi une collection de shorts de Muay Thai, protège-tibias, gants de boxe, coussinets, sacs lourds, cage MMA, ring de boxe, et tous personnalisables pour les gymnases et les pros. Aussi, votre boutique, basée en Thaïlande, vous propose des produits de qualité supérieure en ligne et vous livre partout dans le monde entier.
Visitez donc SKS Boxing Shop!


Copper tiles for backsplash

Online shop Copper & Craft with handmade copper tiles, brass tiles and stainless steel tiles for backsplash.

Copper & Craft is a small handcraft business who has been producing quality copper tiles, brass and stainless steel tiles for kitchen backsplash and for home decoration.

Tiles are offered in a variety of unique design and made of 100% copper, brass or stainless steel.
Handmade metal wall tiles are perfect for kitchen backsplashes, wall tiling, fireplaces and a multitude of other interior applications.

Make your home and kitchen to look extraordinary with Copper & Craft copper tiles and visit our online shop.



Collection of STUDY! Portraits of a much bigger work!! By Famous Artist 1700s /1800s Market Price $20,000 to $45,000 EUR.
Selling at at Auctions prices ! Hurry!! Don't miss out!!!.Great! Investment!!For the future!!.

eBay items copy paste ID: 284216019306

Visit my other Rarities of the WORLD!! Antiques
Document!! Hurry!! Don't miss out!!!.

International shipping Available!!


Jewelry For Your Style

I have decided that even from Thailand, I could have an interesting website selling fashion jewelry such as sterling silver chains, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and other styles. On my website you will also find original products like shungite jewelry, beautiful childrens items etc.

You should be be delighted to browse our choice of over 100 necklaces, 1000 chains in stock from sterling silver, silver plated, copper, brass, and gold plated. You are a rock hound !!. then you might enjouy browsing our semi precious stones, beads and pendants. Must not forget to tell you about our Baltic amber jewellery, Check out our nice choice of essential oil diffusing jewelry, from bracelets to pendants and earrings. And do not forget we have all the essential oil pads for them.

Alwayslooking to grow, weare adding each week new products and or styles. Easy paiment with PayPal or if in town, come over and pick it up. We will be delighted to help you. Wilaiwan



Installation d'un filtre parental sur un Raspberry pi (et autres projets).


Six Paths Consulting

L'innovation représente l'un des piliers majeurs du développement de toute entreprise. Aussi devrait-on s'entourer de personnes à même de stimuler et d'impulser les changements nécessaires. Vous pouvez à titre illustratif contacter le cabinet Six Paths Consulting. Il propose une gamme diversifiée de services que vous découvrirez en visitant le site que voici.

Il s'agit notamment de l'accompagnement des entreprises dans la mise en place de stratégies innovantes visant à accélérer leur développement. Elle s'investit également dans le renforcement des équipes opérant dans différents secteurs.

Vous trouverez d'ailleurs sur le site la liste de quelques compagnies qui bénéficient de l'expertise de ce cabinet. Vous pourrez également accéder aux coordonnées de l'entreprise en passant par la présente plateforme.


Moppet dolls - small handcrafted fabric art doll for dollhouse

Looking for a great gift idea ? Love real quality handmade art ? Want to make a unique present ?
Moppet Dolls - shop who create Small handcrafted fabric dolls to treasure, to play in your 1/12 scale dollhouses, to decorate, collectable, customizable, to give as a unique gift and to treat yourself.

These quality creations are unique in their One Of A Kind genres or a few pieces that will each have their own personality and will never be identical because of their artisanal character.
These handmade miniature dolls are created and made by Natasha, passionate about sewing and knitting since she was 7 years old. She knew how to create her artistic universe for the pleasure of young and old.

The dolls can be accompanied by accessories that you will also find on my website like protective bells for a bookcase, like adjustable wooden support and presentation for dolls or amigurumi but also night lights for children and animals figurines of dogs, cat, rabbits, Idefix to accompany your miniature wonderful world or your dollhouse.
As they look like everyone else, my existing dolls also with black skin, and Asian features.
The dolls are made with the best fabrics and if possible OEKO-TEX. They exist in princesses, in Elf, in boy Moppet, but are always of the best quality

I am at your disposal for personalized dolls, dolls on family souvenir photos, or for friends who need comfort or as a handbag keychain accessory

If you have any questions about making dolls or just need some advice, don't hesitate to contact me! I am open to collaborations, guest articles and other requests

It is a perfect idea for a girlfriend gift, birthday present, mother's day gift, valentines day gift, energetic gift for sick person or friend in difficult time. But also for the Christmas present.
My dolls already have houses on all continents and in many countries, why not in your house ?
Of course these little dolls and accessories are not suitable for children under 36 months.


Better trading systems

Why invest in a trading system that monitors a single symbol on a single time frame for someone else's trade setup when you can invest in a trading system that monitors 140 symbols across every time frame for YOUR OWN trade setup.
Join the autotrading revolution with the best expert advisor currently available. Autotrade 140 symbols at the same time and never miss an opportunity again. Built by Better Trading Systems Ltd. for professional traders. You can now create your own setup using multiple indicators across multiple timeframes.
Monitor 140 symbols across all 9 time frames looking for your own trade setup. Including forex (majors, minors & exotics), metals, energies, commodities, crypto, stocks, indices and futures.

Combine elements from different indicators and different time frames to create your ultimate trade setup without changing the EA code every time.

Never miss a trading opportunity.

Choose the time frame(s) that you want your trade to open on.

Only open your trade once and then turn itself off (if you choose).

Has an ATR based stop loss.

Has an ATR based trailing stop loss that uses the pro rules (i.e. trail a H4 trade using the M15 chart, etc.).

Uses an ATR based take profit ratio.

Close your trades using the same time frame that your trade was opened on.

Close all of your trades when you have reached a set amount of profit.

Never closes your trades too early and is immune to ‘the whipsaw effect'.

Automatically close your trades on a Friday night (if you choose).

Doesn't use up all of your equity in opening new trades (leaving your positions exposed).

Doesn't open a trade if the spread is too high.

Never buy at the top or sell at the bottom.

Work out what lot size to use for you (if you choose).

Voted best expert advisor 2020 by our customers.



Mark&Rise is a social network. In this particular place, the priority is dedicated to the audience of your posts. On Mark&Rise, you post for the entire platform, at the same time as you post for your followers. In fact, your articles, as soon as they are edited, appear in a collective feed in a chronological way, so that when other members log in, they see your recently published content.

Obviously, if thousands of posts are sent concomitantly, what you're editing may get lost among all that content. Fortunately, at Mark&Rise, we have anticipated this inconvenience ! Use the "Rise" to highlight your article. This free tool allows you to "boost" your article : it will reach the first rank on the whole of the social media. The "Rise", which we ourselves invented, can be used for your articles, as well as those of other users. If you apply this mechanism to promote a third party article, then you "turn" into a "sponsor". Being a sponsor has certain advantages, in particular allowing you to differentiate yourself from other members in the community. When you sponsor a post other than your own, you spark the interest of the publisher of that post. Another possibility to increase your visibility ! Other strategies are possible with the Rise, and I let your creativity run free.

You can post video content, photos, like plain text. Regarding the type of media that can be shared on the platform, please note that photos taken at 360 degrees or videos filmed at 360 degrees are publishable and, of course, viewable ! And this also in VR (Virtual Reality) mode (with the appropriate glasses).

Finally, know that you can insert links in your posts.

You can also, for example, list your site for free. All you have to do is : publish !
All of our services are completely free.

Stop creating for a restricted audience, subscribe to Mark&Rise !


Group Williams

Group Williams is a leading company that deals with the cleaning of bank stained notes. We have the team of professionals who are well-versed with the knowledge of chemicals and know its appropriate usage. Our company is capable of removing stains from any kind of currency making it look new.

You can find a wide array of chemicals used in today's modern world here. Not just the latest chemicals, we are also available with activating salts and humine powders. Just make us aware of your needs and requirements, we will do every thing to make it happen. You can expect the right solutions for every kind of tricky questions at Group Williams.


Action Crowd1 Impossible is nothing!

Crowd1: A dynamic network of productive people.
The company was founded in Sweden for the co-founder Jonas Eric Werner and the CEO of the company is Johan Stael Von Holstein. Both gentlemen are very serious and were already very successful business people in Sweden Before Crowd 1.

Empowering the crowd like never before. A dynamic network of productive people.Life-changing benefits through the revolutionary crowd economy. It could be a best way to earn money online in 2021.

The company has offices around the world with employees working for us. Crowd 1 was pre-launch the 25th of January 2019 launched the first of August of the same year.

In March 2020 crowd1 had 2.5 million members worldwide just 13 months after the pre-launch. Therefore Crowd One is now currently one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. We are working in the market of online gambling and gaming an industry that is around three times bigger than the music and movie industry combined.

The gambling market is expected to grow to 504 billion euros by 2022 and the mobile gaming market is expected to grow to 152 billion euros in 2020. Crowd1 is not offering gambling and gaming but instead, there are making contracts with companies that do so they can offer their gambling's and Gaming's through Crowd1 wants platforms.

AffilGo with gambling and Lottery and Miggster with games for mobile devices.


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