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Virtuse Exchange

Virtuse Exchange is a singapore-based crypto-commodity platform that allows customers in more than 100 countries to exchange cryptos and commodities.

It enables access to the most attractive financial assets by creating an open ecosystem which allows crypto-traders to tap into global investment opportunities across markets like commodities and investment funds.

Virtuse Exchange is an incredibly secure and inclusive exchange built on the blockchain technology and poised to democratize your access to capital markets.

Using a crypto wrapper called DACT, it lists and trades almost every liquid, like oil, precious metals, emission allowances, and stock indicies through a vast network of partners.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, IOTA, NEO, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Cardano are traded on the exact same platform.


James Dawson Entreprises

We are equipped to take on your unique packaging project.

Founded in 1975, James Dawson Enterprises Ltd. is a leader in the packaging market providing unique, cost-effective solutions to today's complex packaging problems. With offices in New York State, Montreal and Toronto we can better serve our international customer base, including many of the world's best known corporations.

Our customer service representatives are trained to provide you with innovative solutions to the most unusual packaging problems.

To reinforce our commitment to the highest degree of customer service and support, our manufacturing and distribution operations are designed to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations.

We take pride in the team we have built over more than 40 years. Together, we can provide you with a wide range of quality products and services that help:

Our team can help select the right Packaging Machinery for your operations, to increase efficiency and ensure consistent quality.

We provide exceptional customer service and communication, so you can avoid delays, costly fines and other complications related to incorrect packaging.

From new & innovative solutions to tried & tested workhorses, we've got the products you need to ensure the integrity of your goods.

By providing premium protection and quick turnaround times, we can help you save money by preventing losses and shipping delays.


Service de restauration à Bruxelles et à Flandre

Vous avez un évènement à organiser à Bruxelles ou bien à Flandre. Pour faire de cette manifestation un succès, il faut penser à une restauration digne de ce nom et qui est à la hauteur de l’évènement. Pour être satisfait, faites appel à House Of Catering.

En fait, vous avez ici un service traiteur professionnel qui sait rendre n’importe quel moment de fête en une partie de plaisirs gastronomiques.

Tenez, vous avez droit à la créativité culinaire du chef Albert Verdeyen qui consiste à mettre à votre disposition des plats exceptionnels. Le service qui accompagne ces repas l’est également.

En conclusion, visitez le site web pour mieux connaître les services de cette entreprise de restauration.


Youngevity International Inc.

Youngevity is one of the Top Organic Health, Wellness and Body companies in the world, Has now expanded into 65 countries and offers Excellent opportunity in this next Trillion Dollar trend.
We have over 2000 products to choose from and we give Agent/Distributors, Import/Exporters and Wholesalers many ways to make a lot of money in our company.

We also have Car Bonus, Free Paid Vacations and Stock Options.
and 30% discount on all products.

All you have to do is register at the website, there is a small fee which covers sample products Starter kit and we have the Best Customer service to help you with all your needs to make you a successful.


6pix, votre guide internet

Vous avez sans doute pensé une fois au moins à changer d’univers professionnel et vous pensez aux nouvelles technologies de l’information et de la communication pour vous lancer dans une nouvelle sphère professionnelle. L’internet est sans aucun doute l’adresse où vous pourrez trouver une orientation valable pour votre prochain choix de vie professionnelle.
La plateforme dénommée « » vous permet désormais d’entrer dans l’univers des métiers liés à l’internet et vous fait découvrir les nombreuses potentialités auxquelles la toile vous donne droit. Vous pourrez y apprendre beaucoup plus de choses utiles sur la meilleure manière de réussir sur internet en choisissant des métiers de dernière génération.



Vivabizz is a website include mobile app where you buy or sale anything in marketplace Nigeria.

Post your free ADS new, buy and sale any product or items in vivabizz Nigeria marketplace.



Frenchplanations is a free online French-learning site where you can learn about French vocabulary, French grammar, French-learning techniques and much more. Frenchplanations doesn't use any fancy or hard-to-understand grammatical explanations, but rather simple and down-to-earth ones. You can even download free French courses that you can use to improve your French on any mobile or desktop device.

No matter your age or how much previous French-language experience you have Frenchplanations has content for you. With many thousands of users already improving their French with Frenchplanations you can rest assured that there will be something here for you.



918kiss in short is rebrand of SCR888 as new SCR888 Slot Online Casino Games which is very popular among Malaysia, SIngapore and Brunei Market players that long period of time of history in the market.

About the Design and graphic

The games logo and graphic design have sight changes, the main changes on the logo them-self.

About the download link : it changes from time to time to improve the download speed and games interface to serve for best for players when playing the games.

About the games : 918kiss improve the games quite regularly to introduce new games and feastures.

If you interest to try for different kind of slot games with 918kiss, you are welcome always to check with , they have good connection of speed and customer services to provide the 918kiss users gaming experiences to next level.


English offers information about best CBD products for sale from trusted CBD brands in the US market.

In CBD blog section you can read many interesting articles about CBD usage, CBD benefits, CBD legality, CBD Vaping, CBD for skin treatment and other cannabidiol related themes. Other popular theme is about using CBD for pets, specially dogs treatmen.

It can be used for pain, acute injury or infection treatment of your loved pet. In the CBD Product section you can find all the popular CBD products, from best selling CBD oils,CBD edibles, CBD topicals, CBD vape pen to pure 99.9% CBD isolates.


Norweigian salesman of office supplies. Take a look at the webshop if you need new pencils, erasers or the brand new rollerball technology, which makes writing easier and better than ever.

For 70 years, Pentel has supplied the world with quality products and has been a leader in the field of innovation, environmental friendliness and product warranty.

The name Pentel is composed of the two English words pen and tell - pen and tell a story.

Most of Pentel's products are manufactured in Japan, Taiwan and France.

In the 1960s, the former director of the company, Yukio Horie, invented the pen as we know it today.


Business articles for any functional work station.

Everything you need for your next writing experience. You can find pencils, pens, erasers and much more in our webshop.

For 70 years, Pentel has provided the world with quality products and has been a leader in the industry when it comes to innovation, environmental friendliness and product warranty.



Welcome to your dentist Østerbro. At Dental Arts you get high quality dental treatment and good service. The clinic contains both dental specialists, dental hygienists and clinic assistants who work with the latest equipment in dentistry. This means that we take extra care of your teeth.

We specialize in dental scare. We do this because many people find it uncomfortable to go to the dentist. Therefore, one of our core values is security. During all parts of the treatment you will be met by skilled and dedicated staff who will do their utmost to give you a good experience and a great result.

The talk is friendly, and there is plenty of time to ask questions and discuss any treatment courses. You are therefore always assured of a caring treatment.



If you have to do a painting assignment, you should choose a painting company that emphasizes quality and aesthetics. We go a long way to ensuring you the best result through dialogue and cooperation.

We have over 18 years of experience in the painting profession and reach the whole of Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

We advise thoroughly and competently on color and material selection before we start your task. It is important to us that you get a painting work that you will be happy for many years to come.

Painting of ceilings and walls is one of the most common tasks in the painting profession, therefore we have great experience with it.



A. Villadsen was founded more than 60 years ago by bricklayer Alfred Villadsen.

Today, the company is owned by Michael Szelak and Mikkel Henriksen, who together with a staff of well-educated and experienced bricklayers solve both large and small tasks, especially for business and the public, but also private customers, around Roskilde and Copenhagen.

A. Villadsen A / S has supplied professional masonry crafts for over 60 years. We carry out both new construction and renovation and specialize in the maintenance and renovation of buildings worth preserving.

Our clientele counts a number of companies as well as public institutions, and in addition we serve private customers in the areas around Roskilde and Copenhagen.



Moterapi offers present therapy to individuals, couples, families and young people.
You can get help in understanding hard emotions, actions and events, breaking broken stunts or getting out of discouragement, loneliness, or powerlessness.

With me you will get a free space, where there will be full focus on YOU and what takes you on! You will be met exactly as you are and with all your


Poul Hvitved ApS

At Poul Hvitved ApS we see ourselves as a modern carpentry company that unites proud craft traditions with the latest knowledge of methods and materials. The brothers Søren and Jesper Hvitved run the company together with our staff of skilled employees.

Poul Hvitved ApS is a modern carpentry and joinery company specializing in the renovation and modernization of private homes and roofing. As your preferred carpentry and joinery company, we always solve the tasks with high craftsmanship expertise, clear communication and a sense of detail. Read more about our various specialties below and contact us for a non-binding offer.




Seit 1984 produziert und vertreibt ACF sehr erfolgreich Produkte für die unterschiedlichen Bereiche der Oberflächenbearbeitung. Mit Vertretungen in mitlerweile 20 Ländern sind unsere Produkte bereits am Markt etabliert und weltweit im Einsatz. Unser Portfolio umfasst u.a. Produkte aus den Bereichen Strahltechnik, Bauindustrie, Reinigung, Sanierung -und Insatndhaltung.

Angefangen vom Strahlkessel, über Strahlkabinen und mobile Strahlräume, über spezielle Hochdruckreinigungssysteme, Kompressoren und druckluftbetriebene Werkzeuge, bis hin zum kompakten Graffitientfernungs-KIT oder Aufspritz -und Verfuggeräte. Bei uns sind Sie in guten Händen.


ACF Mexico


Desde 1984, ACF fabrica y comercializa materiales para el tratamiento de superficies y equipos para la proyección, rejuntado y herramental neumático, para los sectores industrial y de la construcción.

- equipo de sandblast, equipos de chorreado en seco/ chorreado en húmedo, rejuntado en superficies de piedra o ladrillo, máquinas de proyección de enlucidos, cabinas de mangas manual o automática, limpiadores de alta presión, compresores de aire, equipos para borrar graffitis, grifos automáticos,

ACF se ha posicionado como líder en su mercado, y está presente en más de 20 países en todo el mundo.


Travel On World

Giving the best Travel in Canary Islands

Travel On World is a global brand that gives the best travel experiences in the Canary Islands. Our main island destinations are Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and our newest addition, Tenerife with fun and unique travel excursions that will take vacationers to the best of what these islands can offer.

We prepare the dream vacation and all you need to is sit back, relax, and enjoy the Island Living.

Price Match Promise on your Canary Island Excursions

At, we confident that we the best value-for-money excursions, and to top it all we offer a Price Match Promise.


Art & Environnement

L'association Art & Environnement de Philippe Pastor est unique en son genre, car elle oeuvre énormément et participe activement à la sauvegarde de l'environnement. Son fondateur (Philippe Pastor) est un célèbre artiste sculpteur peintre et un grand amoureux de la nature. C'est cette passion qui lui aura permis de mettre en place cette organisation.

Une opportunité de sauver votre environnement

Grâce à cette association, ce célèbre artiste parvient à conscientiser le monde sur la nécessité d'agir et de préserver la nature. Ces sensibilisations se font lors des conférences et soirées d'expositions. Aussi, au cours de ces manifestations, il présente d'un point de vue global les nombreux problèmes environnementaux et propose ensuite quelques solutions.

Aujourd'hui, l'association a mis sur pieds le projet les arbres brûlés. Il consiste non seulement à encourager la population à éviter la coupe abusive d'arbres, mais surtout à pratiquer un reboisement régulier.

Si vous nourrissez ce même enthousiasme, est l'adresse à entrer dans vos navigateurs pour en savoir plus.


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